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Easy Wallpaper Changer

Chose and change your wallpapers whenever you want with Easy Wallpaper Changer
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Are you bored of watching the same image every time you switch your computer on? You can stop that now in an easy and fast way. Easy Wallpaper Changer is a program useful for handling your wallpapers as you like. The download is really fast and once the software is installed an icon will be shown on your desktop. To run the program you just double click on this icon and action begins. First thing you have to do is add wallpapers to the program, these can be single files or folders. After you have imported the wallpapers you can program how often you want them to change on your desktop. This can be done by clicking on Change wallpaper every ... Minutes; or just change the wallpaper by clicking on Change Wallpaper Now. Moreover, the changes can be done randomly or in order. Among other options the user can select to let the program run and switch the wallpaper every time Windows starts up. In addition, you get a preview of how the wallpaper will fit the screen and of the image you have chosen. The position can also be changed, e.g., tiled, centered, stretched or automatic.

Jorge Migel
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  • Available in various languages.
  • Easy to run.
  • Fast to download.
  • Simple commands


  • You cannot download wallpapers with this application.
  • No help icon is found.
  • Not many options
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